With our in-depth knowledge of the transfer admissions process, TBEC® provides guidance and support for your transfer applications. While some factors are common with first-year applicant admissions, it can be more difficult to get admission as a transfer student.

Fewer students apply to transfer and they do so from a wide variety of institutions, bringing diversity to the institutions to which they seek to transfer. In addition, the focus of admissions criteria shifts somewhat from standardized tests, high school teacher recommendations and activities to your academic performance, professor recommendations, and extracurricular activities in college.

We will work with you through the transfer admission process by the following:

  • Evaluating the benefits of transferring in terms of your goals
  • Advising you on courses and activities to take at your current institution
  • Suggesting ways to make the most out of your time in your current school
  • Researching to find colleges that will be a good fit for you to transfer into
  • Helping you apply, including guidance with recommendations and essays