TBEC® prepares students for on-campus and off-campus interviews and meetings with admissions officers. We conduct mock interviews to help you practice interview questions and expert responses.

The college interview — whether it’s an on-campus or alumni interview — can often prove to be a clinching factor in the admissions process. In the case of a borderline candidate, an outstanding interview can translate into an acceptance. Admissions officers use interviews as opportunities to see the applicant of a two-dimensional application in person.

In our mock interviews, we teach you how to strategize, know what questions to expect, how to answer those questions confidently, and to know what specific questions to ask the interviewers. Through our mock interview practice sessions, the student will feel more comfortable in the actual interview and will often make a lasting impression on the interviewer.

For international students, most schools offer alumni interviews, in which local alumni volunteers interview students. Some colleges may offer on-campus interviews for international students who visit the college, unless such visits are during the summer vacation. We help you to review the interview policies, procedures, and options of colleges on your list, offer tips and mock interviews, and ensure that you reflect a true and positive image to the colleges.