From our hourly consultation to our comprehensive unlimited-hours package, we provide college counseling to students seeking admission to universities abroad, including the U.S., U.K., Canada, Europe, and Singapore. Whether through Skype, telephone, one-on-one meetings, or email, we work with students all over India and across the world.

We offer a free 15-minute consultation to students – a unique opportunity to ask your questions, gain invaluable insight about college admission, and explore our various packages. In order to book your free consultation, please fill out the form on our Contact page.

Based upon the initial consultation, we will work with you to design a package of services that is tailored to your needs. You can choose between our hourly consultation and our comprehensive college consulting package with unlimited hours. To get a better idea of what package might be best for you, read the sections below.


TBEC® provides an hourly consultation for students who need support on one or more specific aspects of the college admissions process. During this interaction, we answer questions you may have, address your strengths, and weaknesses, and make recommendations accordingly. In order for this consultation to be effective, we request that the following information should be sent to us beforehand: resume, transcript, standardized testing results, proposed area of study, and a preliminary list of schools shortlisted, if any, by you. While our hourly consultation is available as a stand-alone service, many families choose to progress from the hourly consultation to ongoing counseling through one of our other packages. An hourly consultation typically covers elements of the admissions process, including:

Profile Analysis Addressing Questions College List Specific Advice


TBEC® offers you a comprehensive unlimited-hours package involving continuous personal attention encompassing every aspect of the college admissions process. The comprehensive package is our most exclusive college admissions service. If the student is going to be applying to 6 or more colleges, then this service is highly recommended. By offering unlimited hours, we can provide the student with a step-by-step approach of guidance and support covering every aspect of the admissions process, from planning a high school portfolio to deciding which college to attend. This package does not include test preparation and typically includes:

  • Preliminary Review
  • High School Portfolio
  • University Selection
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Planning Campus Visits
  • Financial Aid Solutions
  • Essay Guidance
  • Mock Interviews
  • Student Resumes
  • Application Forms
  • Testing Calendar
  • Continuous Support