TBEC® provides complete assistance with your applications to colleges around the world in a focused, personalized, and efficient manner. We devise an application strategy for applying early and regular decision and create a plan of action for different admissions scenarios.

Our guidance will ensure that the student completes all components of college applications, including the Common Application and individual supplements, UCAS and/or university-specific applications (essay guidance, testing schedules, application component deadlines, etc.)

As part of this process, we advise you how to highlight your strengths and translate extracurricular achievement, community service, and internship experience to strengthen your candidacy across all aspects of the application. We will motivate and work with you so that you create high-quality personal and activity statements and stay constantly on track with all your applications’ requirements and deadlines.

Application assistance services are offered as part of the Comprehensive Consulting Package and include:

  • One-on-one consultation to establish which test a student is better suited for
  • Provision of a testing schedule and preparation strategy based on an individual student’s needs
  • A diagnostic test as the first session
  • A synopsis of progress and areas to be worked upon across each practice test
  • Professional testing to ensure you prepare well for the Digital SAT® and ACT®
  • Classes conducted in groups of 2-3 or one-on-one

For details of our English-based test preparation packages, please contact us today!