The essay or personal statement is a key component of your admissions application. From the Universal College or Common Application essay and individual colleges’ supplemental essays to the UCAS Statement of Purpose and beyond, the words you choose can mean the difference between a “maybe” and a “yes.” The application essay is your chance to tell your creatively expressive story – the only element over which you have complete control. The essay must catch the attention of admissions officers and highlight your academic, personal, and extracurricular achievements, passion, and potential.

TBEC® has worked with countless students in person, on Zoom, through the telephone and by email to brainstorm ideas through rough draft to final, polished essays. From matching strengths on your resume to the essay prompts, we help you put your best face forward and guide you through this challenging, tricky, and delicate process. We steer students away from clichéd, vague or negative statements to innovative, dramatic, powerful, and clear sentiments in each essay. We look to weave a narrative that is consistent with the rest of your application. Using our expertise, each student is able to highlight his or her personal achievements and goals by scrutinizing essay prompts to stand out favorably to admissions committees.

We ensure that the essay guidance offered to the student is limited to strengthening his or her own natural voice to present the best possible aspects of his or her personality, experiences, values, and ideas. It is essential to encourage the student to write positively and confidently by playing with a variety of styles, tones, and structures to zero in on the best version. Whether through a few or several drafts to achieve an ideal essay, we are committed to working closely and regularly with students through this tedious, and sometimes daunting process. Needless to say, our essay guidance package is one of the most important and sought-after packages we offer.

Our Essay Guidance package includes:

  • An initial consultation to review essay prompts based on the college list, a brief discussion of the student’s resume, and evaluation of drafts, if any, emailed to us ahead of time.
  • A copy of our power point 4-step presentation on ‘Writing the College Admissions Essay,’ a list of recommended books, and a printout of essay prompts based on a college list emailed to us ahead of time. These documents outline some of the basic components of good college essays and will give you a headstart on the essay writing process.
  • Unlimited regular meetings and/or telephone conversations to discuss progress on drafts and brainstorm or finalize essays.
  • Emailed comments across each draft essay sent to us.
  • Addressing issues from writer’s block to proofreading along with a critical analysis of the entire picture presented through the application and essays combined.
  • Any other support that is required through the essay writing process from brainstorming, encouraging positive and creative thinking, to clarifying and improving written expression.