Which foreign universities can you assist me in applying to?
TBECR assists with college applications to institutions in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and other countries worldwide.
Which grade levels do you work with?
At this time, we offer packages for tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students applying for undergraduate education abroad.
Do you only help students who want to go to Ivy League schools?
No, we help students identify and apply to all types of schools that will best suit them based on specified criteria.
Am I guaranteed admission with near-perfect grades and test scores?
There are never any guarantees of admission to a particular college. While grades and test scores are important, your application as a whole needs to reflect that you will be an asset to the college.
Is applying early decision a benefit?
Colleges value commitment, so this choice can be a benefit for a student who knows by the early deadline that this is the only school he or she wants to attend.
How important is the admissions essay or personal statement?
With colleges overwhelmed by qualified applicants, the admissions essay can make a crucial difference. Your essay is an opportunity for the admissions committee to get to know the candidate behind the application.
Can colleges tell if I write my essay or have someone write it for me?
College admissions officers can detect professionally written essays. No one other than the student should write any part of the college admissions essays.
Do colleges prefer to see SAT or ACT scores?
All colleges accept SAT and ACT scores equally, so it doesn’t matter which test scores you submit. It is important to choose the test best suited to you.
When should I take the SAT or ACT?
While both the SAT and the ACT can be taken several times, many students take the tests more than once. We can chalk out a personalized testing schedule based on your requirements.
Which are the SAT Subject Tests?

The SAT Subject Tests are 1-hour exams administered in different academic subjects. Some colleges require specified Subject Tests to be taken.

Will applying for financial aid hurt my chances of gaining admission?
Depending on whether the college is ‘need-blind’ or ‘need-aware’, your financial aid application can affect your chances of gaining admission.
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