TBEC provides complete assistance with your applications to colleges around the world in a focused, personalized, and efficient manner. We devise an application strategy for applying early and regular decision and create a plan of action for different admissions scenarios.

Our guidance will ensure that the student completes all components of college applications, including the Common Application and individual supplements, UCAS and/or university-specific applications (essay guidance, testing schedules, application component deadlines, etc.)

As part of this process, we advise you how to highlight your strengths and translate extracurricular achievement, community service, and internship experience to strengthen your candidacy across all aspects of the application. We will motivate and work with you so that you create high-quality personal and activity statements and stay constantly on track with all your applications’ requirements and deadlines.

Application assistance services are offered as part of the Comprehensive Consulting Package and include:


  • Unlimited sessions that can include brainstorming, drafting essays, providing feedback with edits and revisions, and working on application aspects that need development.
  • Thorough evaluation of all application aspects, including transcript, uploading a resume, and reviewing essays to identify strengths and weaknesses in the application.
  • Guiding the student on how to prepare the activity sheet and modify it for each required application. The final list of activities will be one that shows a commitment, passion, seriousness and in-depth quality involvement.
  • Assistance with preparation of supplemental materials (i.e., CD’s, DVD’s, YouTube videos, research abstracts, etc.). In the some cases (musician, athlete, dancer, actor,math or science researcher, writer, artist, photographer, computer wiz, etc.), it may be necessary to compile a more detailed activity sheet listing more specific involvements.
  • Once we have the final college essays, activity charts, and any other pertinent supplemental materials, we assist the student in filling in, editing, revising, and completing all of the college applications.
  • As a final step before submission, we review the student’s online applications. Often, a given response by a student on a college application can make the difference between acceptance and a denial.